Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I haven't gotten them all yet

But here are a couple of pictures from Lucy's first birthday.

With her Daddy, i love this photo, they both look so sweet and innocent....

Lucy's new bike. She loves this bike. I dont think you understand JUST how much she loves this bike! Every time i went downstairs with her she would cry because she would want to ride her bike. Getting her in the car was a nightmare. So we moved the bike. But she still looks for it. She LOVES this bike!! (The handle and the foot tray are removable so she can peddle it when she is bigger)

Blowing out the candle in the cupcake. Except Lucy did't like the candle and cried. So Mummy to the rescue to blow it out.

Lucy with her favourite person in the whole world - her daddy of course! :) And her granpop in the background, im sure Kris didn't mean to cut his head off. :)

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