Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I haven't gotten them all yet

But here are a couple of pictures from Lucy's first birthday.

With her Daddy, i love this photo, they both look so sweet and innocent....

Lucy's new bike. She loves this bike. I dont think you understand JUST how much she loves this bike! Every time i went downstairs with her she would cry because she would want to ride her bike. Getting her in the car was a nightmare. So we moved the bike. But she still looks for it. She LOVES this bike!! (The handle and the foot tray are removable so she can peddle it when she is bigger)

Blowing out the candle in the cupcake. Except Lucy did't like the candle and cried. So Mummy to the rescue to blow it out.

Lucy with her favourite person in the whole world - her daddy of course! :) And her granpop in the background, im sure Kris didn't mean to cut his head off. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it bad that

i love having a social life again? I know its bad that Matt unfortunately has been dumped with the babysitting duties a fair bit recently which does make me feel really really bad. One day soon we're gonna get a babysitter for Lucy for the night and just hit the town.

Meantime im having fun going out with my best friend and anyone else who wants to tag along. I've discovered a new love of Karaoke, which is great cause its free! :) No money required.

Which in these days of monthly pay cycles is a GOOD thing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It looked the same - but it wasn't.

I woke up and the world looked the same. The spider was still hanging in its web far too close to the kitchen window, the sun was up (ok so that was different!), the trees were still green and birds were still sitting on the powerlines. But something was different. Very different to yesterday, or the day before that.

And then i realised.

And i cried.

Lucy is one. My little daughter who i brought home from hospital in a size 0000 jumpsuit all wraped up in a soft pink blanket is one. We sat with her on the loungeroom floor and opened all the presents up, oohhing and aahhing over the books, the clothes the toys and her pride and joy her trike from Grandma and Grandpa. Last year we sat and opened presents of a different kind - its a girl balloons, flowers, chocolates and little bootees and singlets from our friends and family.

I love that she's so big and independent and hate that she is so big and independent. I hate that those days of having her sleep on my chest while i just breathed in the scent of her are gone, but love nothing more than picking her up from kindy to see sand on her cheeks and dirt on her face with paint under her fingernails.

And now she's one and so big. And so loved.

Happy Birthday Princess. Mummy and Daddy adore you. xoxxo

This is what happens when you give a one year old a strawberry birthday cupcake!

And with daddy - what a mess!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Lucys birthday draws closer every day and i still can't believe that i have such an awesome amazing daughter. She lights up my life and makes every day worth living, along with my husband of course.

I have the best family. My mum is one of my best friends although i sometimes think i dont tell her that enough. My dad is so supportive, and although he can be such a pain in the ass at time i know he means well. I love being so supported, happy and content in my family. I look at some families i know and they fight all the time, they get drunk and abuse each other, they take their frustrations out on each other and say stuff they know they mean although later they will deny it.

Its not always easy to be friends with your family. But i'm glad i have it mastered. I love my life and i don't want it any other way. Especially right now.

Have a lovely day everyone. I think its going to be good.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

9 Month Old Professional Shoot

With the PINK hat! We LOVED this hat.
I LOVE THIS PHOTO - its such a typical Lucy face. My little show - off

My proudest acheivement. This shoot got her approached for a TV Commerical (we decided when she can decide for herself she can do it then) 9Month Old Expression Sessions Shoot.

Cant get past that smile!

Lucy is such a poser. The minute a camera comes out shes looking at it, smiling, claping hands and being such an adorable little thing that most people fall in love with her in around..oh..10 seconds tops.

I cant get past her gorgeous smile.

Her personality is so huge these days. She picks up on every emotion in our house, which is ok because most of the time its a happy house to be in. We rarely have much conflict, on occassion there will be a little frustration but thats never much to be concerned about and as a result Lucy is a happy, well adjusted little toddler. My heart bleeds for these kids that dont have this love in their lives. I can't imagine my life without it, and to know that there are so many children out there suffering, just makes me break down.

I hate the world that i've bought my daughter into sometimes. Other times its full of Joy and Beauty new opportunities. I just pray that i can show Lucy the good stuff

Friday, April 4, 2008

To the one who turned my world upside down.

My darling Lucy turns one next Friday. I cant' believe its been a whole year since we went through that excruciating induction and that horrific labour. Surely one whole year cannot have passed since i practically tore myself in two trying to push my amazing baby into the world.

A year on and she isn't a baby any more. Shes a little toddler. A beautiful little girl with a massive personality, big brown eyes and a laugh that can still make me cry. She's become her own person now, not so reliant on Mummy and Daddy to help her with every task. She trys to dress herself now, puts on her own socks and puts on her hat before we go outside to play. She walks all over the house calling for her daddy and then lights up the whole house with a giggle when she finds him. She comes to us for cuddles and then runs away to play in her room some more. She sits for hours looking at her picture books, talking to each page, studying them intensely.

A year later and I can't imagine loving another child as much as i love her. I can't imagine having such a tangible love for somebody other than her. Not even 365 days after her birth and i struggle to remember life before her. I cant remember sleeping all night blissfully anware of any other person. I still wake up and check on her 3 or 4 times a night. I cant imagine it being any other way.

A year on and I look forward to days spent at home with her. Before i was more career driven than i realised. Now i dont care. Before i thought i wanted a career. It turns out i just want a pay check each week. Less time at work means more time with my incredible daughter. Time at the park, the shops or just hanging out at home playing chasey through the lounge room. Time washing the dishes while she pulls everything from every cupboard onto the floor and laughs at my face when i catch her. Time we can just be together.

My life is never going to be the way it used to be. Before i lived each day for me, now i live each breath for her.

Happy Birthday my incredible daughter. I love you always.

Love Mummy. xoxoxo

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A new beginning

of blogging at least. Im not used to this format but i want to start something that i can look back over and seeing as i love reading everyone elses i thought maybe i was letting down the team. :) But now i have to go, so i'll update this later with photos and more thoughtful thoughts.