Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was the best Christmas of my life

and I owe it all to my gorgeous daughter. Lucy had the best day of her life so far on Christmas day, and I'm pretty sure no matter how young she still is she will never forget it.

And Spoilt!!! My girl got so many beautiful gifts, I think I'm going to have to build an extension on the house to put all her stuff into because she got SO MUCH! She has the most beautiful little girls room now, wall stickers, a beautiful life sized doll house that she adores, butterfly mobiles for her ceiling, stacks of Dora the explorer stuff and her "pretties" (hair ties, a little denim handbag, a necklace, bangle and some other pretty bits that she loves more than life its self I'm sure!

My girl really is just that, such a little girl. :) And I am so grateful that she got to have the Christmas that she deserved. It was a beautiful day with family and then we got to do it all again on Boxing day with friends for a typical aussie bbq. :)

Christmas is usually hard for us, Matts dad passed away on Christmas day a few years ago so it's always been tinged with sadness, but this year i think Lucy's infectious enthusiasm for everything almost managed to wash it away and we had a truly Wonderful Day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It is the end of an era

for me and people and places I used to be very close to. But I dont miss them, and I dont regret my decision not to work to fix something that was already so broken.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am confident in the knowledge that regardless of how much I dislike a person, how much history and life is with us, I simply Do NOT need some people in my life any longer.

2009 is a year of difference for me. 2009 is going to be a year where i cull the people, the places and the things that aren't good for my family and for me. Its the year that I make the change in my life that decides our futures. And most importantly It's the year when I stop sacrficing for people who simply do not deserve my sacrifice any longer.

So now i'm saying Goodbye to all those who I have removed from my life. I hope you'll be happy but I have realised until i remove you from my family I will struggle for ever to find what I know is waiting for us.

Monday, December 22, 2008

and to add on to the last post

we have unpacked the last of the boxes. Everything has a home now, and its finally starting to feel like we do too.

Did i mention i love Christmas? :)

And so this is Christmas

and im really excited! I think its because of Lucy. Its such a beautfiul time of year for her, she loves going to the shops and looking at all the decorations, driving past christmas lights and she adores waving at Santa from a very safe distance of at least 500 metres.

She loves our Christmas tree, especially when I let her turn on the lights. And she likes looking at all the presents under the tree although she hasn't tried to touch any of them, not even once!

I love that she's so excited about her Grandma King coming down to see her tomorrow. She keeps looking for her and going into her room calling her. She's just so excited about everything and its contagious! I'm excited about giving her her presents, watching her open them, being with family and just having a couple of days with family and friends.

I'm excited because hopefully this time next year we might have a sibbling for Lucy, depending on how our appointment goes in January we can try again after that.

And most of all im just excited because this is an exciting time of year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

We're living out of boxes

but we're in. I still can't believe what a mammoth job it turned out to be. I knew it was going to be hard, compicated and stressful but WOW....

Thankfully we have some of the best friends in our world and they were tremndous help, loaning us things, helping us move and letting me yell and stress :) My Dad is awesome too. Him and Matt loaded up the truck BY THEM SELVES on the HOTTEST day of the whole year between thunderstorms to ship all our stuff over to the new place. If it hadn't been for awesome friends and my dad, we'd be on the street. So THANKYOU DAD and DAN and LISA and SCOTT and everyone else who was wonderful this past week.

Onto a new topic, our big girl is toilet training. We are having amazing sucess with it, we've had wees AND poos in the last couple of weeks and i couldn't be prouder! She's doing so well that her nappies are DRY when she wakes up! NOt bad for a 20 month old!

I love my family!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Its nearly that time again...

and I don't mean Christmas. We have started a tradition of moving house at Christmas time. Its a BAD time to move house. Moving houses is expensive! Cleaning carpets, pest control, moving truck, boxes, time off work... it all adds up.

I have a plan.

Well i had a plan. Its all gone a bit pear shapped but I still have a plan. My plan is to be superwoman and clean clean clean. My motivation is another story all together. My motivation tells me to sit on my ever expanding backside and watch TV.

Its just so much harder to organise a move when you throw an eager to help 20month old into the equation. IF by this time next week we are sucessfully moved out of our current abode and into the new one i think i might die of shock! :)