Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was the best Christmas of my life

and I owe it all to my gorgeous daughter. Lucy had the best day of her life so far on Christmas day, and I'm pretty sure no matter how young she still is she will never forget it.

And Spoilt!!! My girl got so many beautiful gifts, I think I'm going to have to build an extension on the house to put all her stuff into because she got SO MUCH! She has the most beautiful little girls room now, wall stickers, a beautiful life sized doll house that she adores, butterfly mobiles for her ceiling, stacks of Dora the explorer stuff and her "pretties" (hair ties, a little denim handbag, a necklace, bangle and some other pretty bits that she loves more than life its self I'm sure!

My girl really is just that, such a little girl. :) And I am so grateful that she got to have the Christmas that she deserved. It was a beautiful day with family and then we got to do it all again on Boxing day with friends for a typical aussie bbq. :)

Christmas is usually hard for us, Matts dad passed away on Christmas day a few years ago so it's always been tinged with sadness, but this year i think Lucy's infectious enthusiasm for everything almost managed to wash it away and we had a truly Wonderful Day.

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