Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I got tagged

Apparently its all about 6 quirks... so here are mine,

1. I absolutely have to count to 3 before i can step onto any moving platform, escalators/lifts ets. Its ridiculous but i consider it my special OCD tendency.

2. I dont like the Simpsons. But i LOVE family guy. Apparently this is a quirk!

3. I dont like the colour green. In anything, green cordial, pepermint, green vegetables, green tea, if its green i wont like it and thats pretty much a guarantee.

4. I love to read. I'll go back to a sign to read it, and i love nothing more than curling up with a hot drink and good book - (not been done since the arrival of Lucy!), but i also love going out dancing with good friends (who doesn't!)

5. Im afraid of the dark. Yes thats right, it terrifies me. Always has!

6. I love useless facts. The more useless the more i'll like it!

And thats my quirks. What are yours?