Monday, December 15, 2008

We're living out of boxes

but we're in. I still can't believe what a mammoth job it turned out to be. I knew it was going to be hard, compicated and stressful but WOW....

Thankfully we have some of the best friends in our world and they were tremndous help, loaning us things, helping us move and letting me yell and stress :) My Dad is awesome too. Him and Matt loaded up the truck BY THEM SELVES on the HOTTEST day of the whole year between thunderstorms to ship all our stuff over to the new place. If it hadn't been for awesome friends and my dad, we'd be on the street. So THANKYOU DAD and DAN and LISA and SCOTT and everyone else who was wonderful this past week.

Onto a new topic, our big girl is toilet training. We are having amazing sucess with it, we've had wees AND poos in the last couple of weeks and i couldn't be prouder! She's doing so well that her nappies are DRY when she wakes up! NOt bad for a 20 month old!

I love my family!

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