Friday, April 11, 2008

It looked the same - but it wasn't.

I woke up and the world looked the same. The spider was still hanging in its web far too close to the kitchen window, the sun was up (ok so that was different!), the trees were still green and birds were still sitting on the powerlines. But something was different. Very different to yesterday, or the day before that.

And then i realised.

And i cried.

Lucy is one. My little daughter who i brought home from hospital in a size 0000 jumpsuit all wraped up in a soft pink blanket is one. We sat with her on the loungeroom floor and opened all the presents up, oohhing and aahhing over the books, the clothes the toys and her pride and joy her trike from Grandma and Grandpa. Last year we sat and opened presents of a different kind - its a girl balloons, flowers, chocolates and little bootees and singlets from our friends and family.

I love that she's so big and independent and hate that she is so big and independent. I hate that those days of having her sleep on my chest while i just breathed in the scent of her are gone, but love nothing more than picking her up from kindy to see sand on her cheeks and dirt on her face with paint under her fingernails.

And now she's one and so big. And so loved.

Happy Birthday Princess. Mummy and Daddy adore you. xoxxo

This is what happens when you give a one year old a strawberry birthday cupcake!

And with daddy - what a mess!

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