Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Lucys birthday draws closer every day and i still can't believe that i have such an awesome amazing daughter. She lights up my life and makes every day worth living, along with my husband of course.

I have the best family. My mum is one of my best friends although i sometimes think i dont tell her that enough. My dad is so supportive, and although he can be such a pain in the ass at time i know he means well. I love being so supported, happy and content in my family. I look at some families i know and they fight all the time, they get drunk and abuse each other, they take their frustrations out on each other and say stuff they know they mean although later they will deny it.

Its not always easy to be friends with your family. But i'm glad i have it mastered. I love my life and i don't want it any other way. Especially right now.

Have a lovely day everyone. I think its going to be good.

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