Monday, November 3, 2008

And so with much celebration and ado...

we disposed of the high chair. Our little princess has decided she doesn't want to sit in it anymore. She is quite adamant about this. Resounding calls of "Nooooooo Mummy Noooooo.." can be heard throughout the neighbourhood when we so much as hint that she might, soon, have to place her little backside on that chair.

For those who don't know, we have been having lots of trouble getting Lucy to eat. So we sat down and decided blow it, if she doesn't want to sit in the chair we will go get her a little table and chair of her own, and she can eat there.

One trip to Ikea later, and we have our table and chairs. We also have a funky Trofast storage system for all her craft junk (we have LOTS of that!) and some funky new plates and cutlery for her to eat off & with respectively. At this point I'll buy her a freaking pony if she eats more than one mouthful of pumpkin at dinner. Throw in some Tupperware like containers and a pair of exhausted parents and taadaa... our dining room has been transformed to yet another domain for Lucy.

There is only 2 room in the house now that dont have her stuff in it, the toilet (give it 2 months before we start toilet training...) and our room. She has tried on numerous occasions to claim ours as her own...... i believe this stops once they move out!?

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