Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm sure I would have been a smash hit

but I'll never know, varying degrees of illness and terrible weather kept the teeny tiny Willow from gracing our presence on Friday night. Which is understandable, It's been feeling like typhoon season this weekend. I'm sure some are thrilled. Me..not so much.

And honestly if i have to hear "but we need the rain" again I might just start raining out a little bit of my own frustrations. After all, I dont have a dam in MY backyard, or anywhere near my house in fact. And I sure as eggs dont need the humidity that has been plauging us for the past 3 days. We are lucky, in that we have aircon, We are not so lucky in that we have just recieved a rather exhorbitant electricity bill due to said airconditioning. And thats for 2 months. I'm sweating at the thought of the next one when, as my ever loving father informed me "we hit the HOT months of the year.." say WHAT?!

I'm a big sook, I know. I really hate the heat. And I feel guilty, hanging out in the Aircon at work while Lucy swelters at kindy each day. She's not a big fan of the heat herself, and although the rooms are airconditioned she still spends a good part of the day outside. (I'm a bad mummmy, when its THIS hot we stick to the aircon, lots of drawing and painting to be done in my house at the moment.)

We went to a baptism last night, which apart from visits to other airconditioned establishments, is the only time we've left the safety of our temerature controlled home. And boy did we swelter. It was such a beautiful service, but HOT. No fans and No Airconditioning and No Breeze. I'm pretty sure it was raining on me.

I think the point i'm trying to make as I ramble on aimlessly is ITS. TOO. HOT. FOR. ME. TO. FUNCTION. And since the rain is co-contributing to my intolerance of the heat, I'm sorry to all but. NO. WE. DONT. NEED. THE. RAIN.

I'm not bitter. Just sweaty.

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