Monday, February 9, 2009

For Sammy

A beautiful photo collage in the reception. A guest book with over 150 names. "You are my sunshine" playing in the background. A very tiny, white coffin with one very beautiful flower bouquet on top. A filled church. 131 Helium Balloons.

This was how we said goodbye to Samuel Paul Fraser, aged 4 months.

2 proud older brothers, not quite grasping the gravity of the day, except to announce, We love our Sammy.

I could not contain the emotions running through me. I was crying before i stepped foot in the church. I don't think anything can ever prepare you for attending the funeral of such a young child. I have so much admiration, and love, for Tammy and Simon. This couple, have not only lost their much wanted, much cherished baby boy, but during a time of such heartache, they have had to continue on for their other 2 beautiful boys. They have had to try, like any family, to keep the children as a first priority, while I'm sure their hearts are breaking.

"Jesus Loves Me This I Know..." Another poignant moment, more tears from group gathered to farewell an angel.

At the end of the service, 131 balloons were released. One for every day of Sammy's life. I think, for many people, letting go of those balloons, was harder than ever expected. To physically let go of something so tangible, gave many of us, the smallest glimpse at what this brave family were feeling, and having to do. Watching them float up into the sky on the breeze, was the hardest moment for me. Knowing that soon, they would disappear from sight, leaving just a memory, like Sammy, was devastating.

I could never say it was a good funeral. No funeral can ever, be good. Especially not, when its for such a young baby. But it was beautiful. It was moving. It touched peoples hearts, as Sammy did.

So for a very sad day, a goodbye to such a lovely baby boy, it was heartbreaking, and it was final. Sammy has been sent to heaven with a goodbyes from so many people who loved him so much. Now its left to us to all pick up the pieces, and help the family heal, and move forward, slowly and surely, to a time, where they can look back on Sammy's time, and smile.

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Anonymous said...

157 days... 157 balloons... thankyou for the lasting memory... your words helped me to relive that moment in time... Sammy will never be forgotten... he lives forever in my heart and the hearts of his family and friends...