Thursday, February 5, 2009

Despite my best intentions

yet another Thursday sailed by, with the house resembling a garbage pile. But in my defense, I did spend the entire 2.5 hours Matt was out with Lucy at the shops tonight, putting the furniture back where it belongs, and cleaning up a weeks worth of kindy "art" and other childcare inflicted debris.

Its much tidier now, and although its not up to my usual standard due to my ridiculous migrane that i've been sporting all day, it now looks like a family of people live here, as opposed to a family of rather disgusting zoo animals.

My reason for not cleaning today? (Apart from the the headache that i swear i thought was going to kill me), is that after all this sadness with Sammmy, and the funeral being in a few short days, today, i felt like playing with Lucy.

I have playdoh under my nails, Paint on my leg and im sure we coloured in an entire Dora book and watched FAR TOO MUCH Hi5 and Dora on the TV today. And I don't care. Today, I did whatever Lucy wanted me to do, when she wanted it. (within reason!)

Every day i have with Lucy is precious to me. I went through so much pain and heartache to have her, and to know that someone has lost their light, reminds me to treasure mine so much more.

So although my heart still breaks for little Sammy and his family, I treasure my Miss Lucy, so much more than i enjoy a clean house, or the dishes all being washed.

So today was just about the two of us. And really, when you prioritise, the paint in the carpet is just a reminder of what a lovely, relaxed loving day we shared. I will look at that VERY pink stain, and remember. And smile.

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