Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Diagnosis - Constipation

and i can't believe it took almost a year to get them to figure out what the hell was going on.

We FINALLY got Lucy in to see a Paediatrician last week. Our appointment was for 9.30am, we didn't leave the hospital until 11, and three doctors later. Well, to be more specific, it was two paediatricians, and a dietitian.

But we have answers. And I was right.

She doesn't feel hunger. Ever. At All. So she doesn't eat. So she doesn't put on weight, and she doesn't grow. (Apparently food is not necessary when your a busy, active toddler.)


Because she's constipated. Well duh, she's been actively constipated most of the past year. We've seen doctors, they roll their eyes at me. "Oh it will pass" they say. Or my favourite "She's probably coming down with something", like the two have ANYTHING to do with each other.

Apparently, her inability to poo, has caused a mental block for her because when she does finally go, it hurts. And that hurt stays with her, so next time she has to go, she holds on. And holds on. And holds on. And then eventually it has to happen, and it hurts, more this time because of how long she waited. And so we go round and round and round. Because she doesn't poo regularly, her food doesn't digest properly, so she never feels empty. Empty equals hunger.

See the problem.

This can also explain her "sore tummy", why she gets sick for longer than other kids, and why, she catches EVERY SINGLE BUG that goes through childcare.

Right now I'm just SO.EXCITED, to have an answer as to what has been going on with my daughter for the past year.

Now we have to induce diarrhea on the poor child with excessive amounts of juice. And we have to keep her like that for the next month or so, to allow her hunger pangs to set in again so she can learn to eat. And we have to watch her like a hawk for cavities in her teeth (due to excessive juice drinking) and brush her teeth three times a day at a minimum.

But, despite the nastiness sure to come, I'm so happy to have an answer.

Finally, someone stoped rolling their eyes at me, and figured out that yes, something is wrong with my child, and then shocked the shit out of me by telling me "and we know how to fix it!".

Oh, and she also has intolerance's to a type of preservative called Sorbates. So we are ditching them now too.

Here's to a happy and HEALTHY toddler!

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