Friday, August 7, 2009

Today i just felt

like blogging about me. Because, ya know, i hardly like ever talk about me here, on my blog. *Phtt*.

But regardless of my ego lift, i did feel the need to blog about myself here today. Its been a tough couple of weeks for us. We've had stuff with Lucy going on full tilt, and then I've had a few health issues as well, along with Matt falling (only two steps) down the stairs and throwing his back out again. Its been hectic.

Work has been chaos. I got yet another new line manager. She's awesome, and I'm very glad to see the back of my last TL, but she didn't leave easily. We had our reviews which i was not impressed with. I won't go into details yet, but I felt, and still feel, that she treated me very unfairly this review, which stressed me out to the max and set off a whole different set of complications for me the next day.

I felt stupid getting so upset over something work related after i promised myself i wouldn't let it bait me again. But then i thought about it more and realised I had a right to be upset and angry about my treatment. And then i went back to feeling stupid, because honestly, my old TL just got demoted. I assume due to poor performance. So now i have no doubt that she was trying to take me down with her. And I feel so stupid for giving her the knowledge that she got to me.

This post was meant to be cathartic. Its not. Not one little bit!

And I'm babbling, and I know it.

Its just feeling like nobody can HEAR me ya'know. I want someone, at work, to recognise that she was a lousy manager, that she stole credit for other peoples work, and to mostly acknowledge that they made a terrible mistake in putting her into the position, instead of covering their asses and making the rest of us put up with the lies and the incompetence.

We used to function perfectly well, then we met her.

Hearing that she was demoted was beautiful icing on the cake of her moving on. I wish i could say i wish her well right now, but honestly....

I just don't.


THE HART'S said...

who is your TL mate?? i have my doll and my pins ready for her lol:) i's so sorry to hear that, but i'm glad to hear she's demoted, at least she gets a taste of her own medicine, karma baby..anyway try to ignore her as much as you can:)

Tam King said...

It Was Shannon - not anymore :o). Now we have Coralie which is very exciting - she's an awesome TL, and she really listens to us.