Thursday, September 17, 2009

So like, have you heard

that I'm like, pregnant?

I still sort of can't really believe it. But seeing as we've sailed into the second trimester, Its looking very likely that in a few short months, we'll have a new baby.

And with that comes the fear. Not the fear of the baby, that bit I can't wait for, but you know, the bit about getting the baby OUT.

I'm not afraid of Labour. I managed labour just fine when i was going through it with Lucy. It was long no doubt, and it hurt like nothing I've ever felt before, but I handled it well, with a small dose few extra large tanks of gas, for support. I don't need people, I just need Gas.

But. Then. Came. The. Birth.

Mary mother of GOD. Without going into details that are sure to give the thickest skinned mother of one hundred children nightmares, I tore. BIG. TIME. And you know that thing they say in the hospital, about how the stitches will dissolve in a couple of weeks, and that you can manage the pain with paracetamol? And the little white lie about feeling much better "down there" in a few days? Apparently, that doesn't count if you've had third degree tearing. Of course, they don't tell you that, they smile, lie and send you home with a very tiny baby, and replica railway tracks across and area of your body that is so close to becoming public property that you wonder why you buy new clothes.

Eeeeeventually................... you heal. I know this. But there is this eetsy little chance that when your busily pushing out the next, and ultimately larger baby, that old wounds

What are the chances of some brilliant scientist creating a much more evolved - less painful way, of women having babies, in the next five and a half months?


Geek And Girl said...

They did honey, it's called a CESAREAN!!

There are a lot of Women who come through for a C-section for their second because of exactly what you are talking about. Highly recommend it :-) I didn't have one, fully intended to, but things don't always go the way you plan and in my case it was a very good labor and delivery I was lucky I didn't tear but then the boys were small.

I have come to the conclusion that human beings coming out of your vagina is a design floor, the sunroof option is so this century :-) :-)

Food for thought....

Tam King said...

I worry about healing after a C-Section though! I'm such a sook, i just would like it not to hurt :)Although the idea of having a planned date to have my baby sure does sound wonderful!

NewSingleMama said...

Has it been this long since I've read your journal? I had no idea you were pregnant congratulations!

I need to add you to my feed and I will do that now.

And yeah the tears .. umm woo boy had one too a 3rd degree. I asked the nurse about it "Oh its just one little stitch itll heal up in no time" Ok so why was the doctor stitching me up for 10 minutes before i was able to hold me son and why am I burning from my clit to my butt? LOL Tmi? Sorry!

Good luck with this second baby maybe you won't tear .. or much this time.