Saturday, October 3, 2009

When you wait long enough

for the other shoe to drop, usually, it falls heavily but not as heavily as if the drop is unexpected.

The company has closed down their print advertising media. In case you are not aware, this is the department I work for. Its the department my mum works for and it's the department some of my closest friends work for.

Effective from 30th October, there are 280 people, nationally, who will be retrenched from their positions within the company.

A lot of livelihoods are now on the line. I get paid out sure, and they payout is generous, but the itty bitty issue I'm having is that, my paid maternity leave - just disappeared.

I don't care about my job going, really. But it sure is going to be hard to find someone willing to employ me for 3 months, who then won't mind that i plan on taking off for possibly 6 months, almost before my probation is up! There is an excellent chance i won't find someone willing to take that chance on me.

I keep trying to tell myself that God will provide. But honestly It's not feeling like he's all that close right now. And since i can't even get my husband to talk to me about the redundancies (another story for another time), I'm pretty much living in Limbo.

The end of October is coming far too quickly.

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