Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm so angry

I could scream - but typical me, I just burst into tears instead. I'm so effective.

Matt applied for 6 weeks leave for after Bean is born. He applied for the leave well over two months ago, due to start Mid March 2010, before we knew Bean was sick.

His applied for leave compromised of 3 weeks annual leave, 2 weeks unpaid paternity leave, and 1 weeks unpaid leave. His boss just came back to him and told him that taking 6 weeks off is too hard on the company, and he can take 3 weeks paid leave, and then work from home for the other three weeks. Usually, an acceptable solution.

Except our baby is SICK. As in, our baby might DIE before birth, and WILL be born at this stage 10 weeks early. Guaranteed Neonatal intensive care time. Absolutely guaranteed. So working from home is not an option. A. We wont BE home. B. You can't use mobile phones and laptops in the NICU C. What happened to his contractually obligated two weeks unpaid paternity leave?!

I'm so angry. I literally just told him to hang up the phone and go tell his boss he gets his leave, or he resigns. There is no promises here! Our baby might not make it home, we're praying So hard, that that's not the case, but realistically - it could happen. Our baby might not survive this fight. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let some smug asshole decide how much time Matt spends with him or her.

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