Sunday, January 24, 2010

After 7 very long months

we're taking a long overdue, much needed holiday. We haven't gone far, only about 45 minutes away from home (seeing as technically I'm still on "do nothing you have had a C-section" type activities - better to stay close-ish to home in case things get dramatic), but wow, its making such a difference.

We got here on Friday at about lunch time. Unpacked everything, had some lunch, and hit the pool. Since then we've eaten a lot, slept a lot and spent a lot of time in the pool. Lucy is getting quite the tan despite me practically drowning her in sunscreen. I've managed to avoid sunburn which is a miracle, but we'll see how I'm looking on the 7th day.

My C-section scar is healing up nicely. All this relaxing is good for me apparently, its completely sealed over, the stitches have pretty much all dissolved and i have no pain whatsoever from it, unless i do something silly like reach too far for something, or if Lucy forgets and jumps on me. Which she's done the sum total of once so far.

Considering I'm only 3 weeks into my "healing" time, I feel pretty fantastic. My milk has finally dried up (thank god for that!), I'm pain free on all aspects (apart from an ingrown toenail but i doubt that could be considered a surgery related issue!), and have found spending time in the pool fantastic. I wasn't allowed to swim when i was pregnant, so it's been lovely to get into the pool and just relax. I'm being very careful, Matt has Lucy most of the time in the water, I'm worried about hurting myself, and possibly dropping her, and since she swims like a stone, its best for him to take her. Plus she likes jumping in and again, I'm not quite ready for the responsibility of catching her!

This few days away has been the best thing for us. We're missing friends and family, but we needed the break. Mum and Dad took us out to dinner last night which was nice, and we have friends coming up to stay the night tomorrow night, at which point i suspect we'll be having a "few" drinks while the kidlets sleep. Otherwise its just us, and whatever we feel like doing. Tomorrow, we might go bowling (well Matt & Lucy will, I'll be on the sidelines - balls too heavy to lift!), and probably hit the beach again, if its not too hot.

Meantime, I'm going to get another Rum, Sit out on the veranda and enjoy the cool night air with my sexy husband. I do love him to death, and I think I should go and remind him!

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Laila said...

It is soooo good to hear that you are taking time out for you and your family. praying and thinking of you.