Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to the new normal

but I really sort of miss the old one.

The day did not start well. At all. Matt's access card for work has been in the same place for six weeks. Until today evidently. God knows where it's gone. Half an hour after he leaves I get a phone call saying he's forgotten to take Lucy's bag to kindy, it's still at home. Half an hour into our new normal, and really,  NOT going well. I only hope his day at work goes better!

Meantime, I can't quite bring myself to get out bed. Today is not a good day for me, Its probably the lowest i've been in weeks actually, probably because for the first time I'm completely alone. I'm not depresed, and I'm not crying, I just feel like everything is too hard today. I'm not one to wallow in bed, but I think that's how I'll choose to spend today. Just one day feeling sorry for myself can't hurt surely.

Tomorrow, I have to get proactive and busy about finding a job. I only have two weeks of Centrelink grace left, and God knows they won't give me more time. I don't know what sort of work I want to do, I'm not very fussy, except that I don't want to work night shifts, or weekends because I would never see Lucy or Matt. If there is ANYTHING i have learnt it's they are more important than some job. And It's not something I'm willing to compromise on, Centrelink or no centrelink.

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Mum2five said...

You know you can call me anytime... I don't do anything at work anyway remember =) love ya lots hon... You're never alone, only a phone call away xo