Monday, March 15, 2010

the face behind the story

the story is Mine.

it stems from my life experiences - good and bad, happy and sad.

i used to love my life.

then Ariana happened. Not so much as happened, as came into this world, sick, premature and fighting.

the world as i knew it ended on the 5th of january

i am a wife

i am a mother

i am a friend

i am a confidant

i am a supporter

i am a lover

i am a fighter

i am a blogger

i am grieving.

i am searching for a new normal. a new safety. a new realisation of life

i am not giving up

i will find peace

i will get answers

i will know why

i will tell my story

i will tell it the best i can

i will tell it as only i can

i will be honest

i will be emotional

i will be hurt

i will be upset

i will not lie

i will not hide

i will not run

i will be happy once more

i will try

i will succeed

most importantly, i will be

this is my story.