Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm angry again,

but not for what you might think.

A couple of years ago now, I told my best friend of quite some years to never speak to me again. The reason I did this was a betrayal so deep, so selfish, and so totally wrong.

I cut ALL contact. I was completley heartbroken. What she did, very nearly destroyed my marriage. My actions caused the inital marital problems we were having. But then what she did, months after it was resolved, nearly caused us to divorce. A mistake perhaps, but one, that to me, is completely unforgiveable.

I cut her off, and after grieving, and being sad for a few weeks, got over it, over her. I stopped thinking about her. She ceased to exist to me. People asked me on and off about it, about her. I always told them the same thing  - "I don't think about her". It's true. The only time she even crosses my thoughts is when someone else says something about her.

Apaprently, she still reads my blog. This has pissed me off royally. I don't want her knowing a damn thing about me. About my family.

I want her to go away. Be happy, live her life. But stop reading about mine. You are not welcome. You are not missed.

Go live your own life, and quit reminiscing. Whatever your thinking about me, just quit it. I don't want your thoughts, or anything else to do with you. Ever. 


Mum2five said...

You tell her..... Love ya xo

Anonymous said...

Well... this post should pretty well take care of the matter. I hope.

Hang in there.