Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meet the amazing people in my world -

Some don't leave their names, Others i've never actually met (most in fact!), and there are people who i know and have spent time with, but who still care enough to let me know they are thinking of us. THIS is what support is all about.

How i Cherish them all. x

Amber - "I know I only know you on facebook, through Jon. But I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person. I have followed (stalked slightly) you on facebook and your blog and after everything your family and you have been through, your still such  a kind, caring, strong, amazing, loving person. I know so many people that have had near perfect lives, and are so ungrateful. So thank you for sharing your story and a part of your life with us. You truely make me want to be a better person."

Catherine - " You are doing an awesome job with Lucy. You and Matt should be enormously proud of the way you have gotten her through it. Im sure its been really hard to do that when you are grieving so much yourselves. It has brought to light the great strength of character you both have. I have always believed that tragedy and crisis dont build Character, they simply reveal character. You are both made of very strong fabric."

Molly - "You are a good person, and a great Mom. Keep going, and we are here to hold you up when you need it".

Heidi - " ...handled yourself with amazing grace and consistently been there for others when you yourself are dealing with your grief. You amaze me with your thoughtfulness, your humor and how everyday you put one foot in front of the next."

Colleen - "You never need to appologise to us. We are here for you through thick and thin." "It took incredible strength for you to face that, and you have every right to vent and share this with us. That is why we are here. I wish we were closer to give you a huge hug. I know you could use that right now."

Hope - "I just read your blog. Some very very beautiful words, and some heartbreakers. Today is an angry day for me. I'm angry at the world."

Nikita - "your blog is well done Tam. I've just been reading it all."

Tiah - " I have spent the past hour reading your blogs about Ariana. They are so touching. You are a great writer".

Titanium - " You are more. You are a beautiful, inspired, thoughtful woman who loves with open heart, and arms, whose legacy is hope. Anger is the doorbell chime when Change knocks. Life, interrupted leaves necessary, righteous rage in it's wake. You are more. Exhale this, know that for every person that scrapes your last never raw, a hundred more wait in the wings, on a prayer - holding you in thought, in word and in hope. May peace find you Tam."

Sarah - "I just read through your posts and wanted to tell you that my heart goes out to you and your family. A mother should never, ever have to bury her child. Ever. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet baby irl. You and your entire family will continually be in my prayers. I am awed by your strength. Hang in there, and keep breathing in and out."

Cath - "I have NEVER encountered anyone like you. I have never seen such strength of character. In your darkest hours, and good Lord they've surely been dark this year, you have Always been able to find the strength to help other people in their time of need. I am not a traditionally religious person, but I know that Angels walk amongst us, and I truly suspect that you are one. Actually, I don't just suspect it. I know it."

Mel - " You are an inspiration! have not, and will not let your past define you. You take each day as it comes, good or bad, and move on with it. That by its-self is inspirational"

Anonymous - "Want to say that i wish i had your courage.....have followed you for ages, you are an inspiration to me, even when I am falling apart."

Anonymous - " Your an amazing woman, and an amazing mother....Just remember your amazing, strong, and courageous."

Anonymous - "I am so sorry you have suffeerd so greatly. I just wanted to thank you. Reading your story reminds me to be thankful everyday for my children even when i don't normally feel that way. Thank you and I so hope your future is brightened with the love of a third child."

Anonymous - "You amaze me, and I think it's so brave you sharing your story. All the best."

Anonymous - "You guys are a great testimony to so many. Could never imagine how you feel but you guys really amaze me how strong you all are. Stay strong and Thankyou tam for sharing your journey. Most people wouldn't, which makes you extremely brave, and a very very strong woman. All the best to you and your family".

Jan n Martyn- "How brave you are to share all of this with so many who's faces and tears of sadness you may never see. We are the people who share your grief because we have known the loss of a child so special that the Lord just needed them back. In time your gift from him will be revealed. Your heart will one day find some peace, but never will Ariana be forgotten for you gave her the gift of dignity to live. To be part of your family. Lucy will always be her big sister, and you and Matt will make it. Find your strength in each other now. God Bless You All"

Chantel - "Yep - you are DEFINITELY allowed to have angry days/weeks/months! You are also allowed to have really good ones. Whatever the weather looks like on those days honey, we are here. There is nothing you can do or feel or think or say that we wouldn't support you through."

The Harts - "What a positive attitude Tam, I know you can do it girl! You're strong, and bean is such a Valiant baby. It will all be worth it."


Amber said...

IT's all true, You are all those things, and so much more.

You have and amazing family, and supportive friends. Your have two beautiful daughters, one here and one with the angels. And I'm so grateful that you shared a little bit of them with us.

You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I am willing to bribe someone for you in order for you to have it :)

Mum2five said...

So I hope you're actually going to listen now.... So hang on why am I the one with the Fan Page?!

Anonymous said...

So many believe you are amazing because you are....

So many people think so.. so many people are not wrong.. your an inspiration to me and clearly many others!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

If I could clone myself into a village, we would all join hands and sing you to quiet, peaceful shores.

Be well, Tam. Always know- I'm in your corner.