Sunday, April 25, 2010

Veiled Insults

The most insulting thing i think anyone ever said to me when Ariana was dying was "pray harder".

Really? Pray harder? We Have been praying!! From the day we found out she existed we prayed she would live, that she would be our healthy baby. We prayed desperately that it was a nightmare, that our child was not terminally Ill. We prayed our family would survive the pain, we prayed Lucy would not loose her innocence. We prayed. Hard. Everyday. It was all we could do.

When that person said pray harder their ignorance was completley exposed. They made it seem like our lack of faith caused it. That if we had been to church regularly that God wouldn't have picked us to experience the highs and lows of Ariana.

Its taken me four months to come up with a response.

"God does amazing things. He answers every prayer. I believe that, honestly. Sometimes though, prayers aren't answered the way we want. Praying repetitively for one thing won't change God's mind, his plan is set. Sure, pray. Cry out, ask for healing. But i don't believe we can beg until God changes his mind. Don't imply it's my fault, or that of my husband. We didn't cause it. God healed our daughter, she has a heavenly body. She is healed. In Gods time. On his terms. And we are ok with that. We asked God for healing, don't say she didn't get it."

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Brian Miller said...


Anonymous said...

some of the people you know.. or so called friends are bloody insensitive girl.. where do you get them?

Lisa Rettke said...

So true, we pray... God answers... in HIS time and way, not ours. Hard lesson to learn but a rewarding one. Love ya

Titanium said...

Only ignorance assumes that Omniscience has only affirmative answers; occasionally, the answer is no.

As you said, so beautifully, we cannot change the mind of God. If we could- what God would exist?