Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slack Slack Slack

I think i should join bloggers anonymous. The place where you stand up and hang your head in shame to admit that "i'm a bad blogger". I have always been this way. Which is crazy because i love to write. But i just never finish anything. Ever. I must have about 20 journals, all of which i enthusiastically start to record my life in for around... oh the first 5 pages before i lose interest. Then i look at it with a guilty expression pretending that it might fill in its self. Then i go shopping, find another beautfiful journal that gets me feeling creative for another week. Tops. Repeat and rinse and you end up like me, 20 virtually empty journals and lots of wasted money.

You would think that it would be easier writing online. Its quick, has this nifty thing called spell check, and i like so many others these days type far faster than i can write. But no, this sad empty blog is proof that not unlike my hand written empty journals - I AM A BAD BLOGGER.

So to appease my conscience i'm ading some photos of my darling daughter.

Lucy - 16 months with her "hippo". Or as she says "hibbobo" We love hibbobo. And if ANYTHING should ever happen to hibbobo i think my life could end.

Its a dodgy camera phone photo (they always are i never remember to charge the batteries) but its sweet because it pretty much is THE only photo of the three of us. Special moment while we were on holidays a few weeks back

Hanging out with Mummy while daddy insists on a photo before a wedding. Lucy looked as cute as pie.

And a photo with daddy after Mummy INSISTED he wasn't getting away with taking one of her that easily!!

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