Monday, November 24, 2008

Its a good kind of exhausted

because we had the busiest weekend ever. Friday night we had dinner with family and then Matt and i spent a couple of hours painting walls at mum and dads place. Saturday i dragged myself into work for the day and then with a migrane that afternnon we headed to Kangaroo Point for dinner with friends which was lovely. Lucy went crazy playing with the girls, Lillie (nearly 2) and Laila (7 months). Sunday saw us heading to Southbank to catch up with a friend Vanessa and her family. Lucy went swimming (fully clothed - she's too quick for us, we weren't letting her go cause it was freezing!), played at the park with Jenee while daddy and Alister chased them around mummy got BIG cuddles with Willow. She's so precious, only a month old but she still looks all little and squishy.

We got hot chips for lunch and topped it off with a chocoloate icecream that lucy ended up swimming in. We wandered through the markets for a while and then Jenee wanted to get a temporary tatoo. Lucy thought that was the coolest thing ever so she got one too, just a little one on her arm, a tiny lady bug. Today she is deffinately the coolest kid at kindy!

So we had a very busy, exhausting fun weekend. It was lovely to spend time with Lucy just playing and having fun before we get full swing into the packing/unpacking/Christmas run.

We have got to stop moving house in December! :)

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