Friday, January 30, 2009

Due to unforseen chaos and laziness

I think my house imploded. It might have happened around the time I went for a nap with Lucy this afternoon, or the aforementioned disaster might have already been there and I (the responsible adult) had my "blinkers" on.

I gotta tell you, this doesn't happen often. Thursday is my cleaning day. And I'm usually religious about it, I scrub EVERYTHING on a Thursday. All the beds get turned down, sheets get changed, floors get scrubbed and vacuumed. I even sterilise the sponges on a Thursday. RELIGIOUS i tell you.

So how yesterday managed to skip by on the radar I'm just not quite sure.

Today was a complete write off due to extreme and utter laziness.

I did start the cleaning thing yesterday. I really did. But i noticed that as soon as I put something away, Lucy pulled something out in the same spot, 10 fold. I put away one puzzle piece, she dumps every puzzle she owns on that exact spot. I put away a couple of her books left in the lounge from bed time the night before, she pulled EVERY BOOK SHE OWNED out of her room, and, you guessed it, dumped them in the lounge room (just a little to the left of "puzzle mountain"). We had a family thing to go to last night so when it hit about 2.30 and I was still being chased around the house by Lucy trashing areas i had just cleaned, I gave up.

I'm not sure as a mummy I am allowed to give up. But I did. Not my proudest moment, but at least by the time we got home last night, the lounge and the kitchen were clean. The rest of the house? Don't even ask.

On to today. After yesterday's "stresses", I decided to spend the whole day hanging out with my daughter. So that's what I've done all day.

So not only have i not cleaned up the messes from yesterday, but I've now contributed to them, AND, made not attempt to make them smaller.

Details Details.

Now I just gotta figure out what to say when my husband comes home from work and sees the fruits of my labour.

Maybe he'll assume I'm sick and buy me flowers.

Or he might just kill me himself. Time will tell!

Lucy's Playroom, (Imploded I say!)

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