Friday, January 16, 2009

They may just look like shoes

but not to me...

Point 1, I am notorious for hating shoe shopping. I loathe it. I LOVE to shop, but i really can't stand shoes.

Point 2, I am terrible at fitting shoes. I can't fit shoes for Lucy to save myself. I can never get it right, and now as habit always take my mum with me to help.

So bearing this in mind, I found myself at Strathpine shopping centre last night with a somewhat grizzly toddler and my mum, hunting through the shops for a pair of sandles. Just sandles mind you, for kindy, not patent leather, not white shiny shoes with butterflys and flowers embossed on them. Just some cheap, comfy, easy to move in sandles for Lucy to wear to kindy. Not so hard right? WRONG... oh so very very wrong!!

7 Shoe stores and 2 hours later, we found them.

They will probably only fit her for about a month, they aren't the most attractive shoes but by the time we came across them i was ready to wrap her feet in towels and send her to kindy like that.

So they just look like shoes.

But to me... They are GOLD, and i dread the next trip in a month or so when her little feeties have outgrown these ones. OH, and if she loses these shoes, I'm going back to the towel option.

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