Sunday, January 18, 2009

This sweet child of mine

is asserting her independence. In a big way. Its 11.30am and my little ray of sunshine woke up at 5am. But being Lucy and being the ripe ol age of 21 months, she's decided that being incredibly tired, and cranky is something she can simply "play through". I put her to bed 20 minutes ago, and she has since been appearing the in hallway, pillow, blankie and puppy in hand looking very sleepy. But will she stay in bed??? Not a chance. I just checked on her and found this...

I think i'll leave her there and move her after she's asleep.

How can she drive me so crazy, but be so sweet as well!

11.45 update,

The little miss "I'm not tired" conked out pretty quick.

I do love her. xoxox


Bridgette said...

LOL! That's so cute and funny. I can't remember ever trying to play through my sleepiness .. I've always loved naps!

Tam King said...

I only started to love them around the time i couldn't have them anymore...(read: High School)