Monday, March 2, 2009

I dont cope all that well

with pain. Of any type. So last night, when i had a shower and my previously bearable yet painful back pain kicked it up a notch and I couldn't breathe anymore, i might have panicked.

I have never felt pain like i did in my back last night. It was spasming across my back, cutting into my lungs so i couldn't breathe. The most terrifying thing is gasping for air and getting nowhere. By the time the ambulance arrived I swear to God i was already half unconscious from pain and lack of oxygen, and then they wanted me to get up, and WALK to the bed. Thank GOD for the little green tube. I did the dash with that thing i tell you. They refilled it half way to the hospital because it wasn't working anymore and i started screaming.

I have a week off work. And the most incredible pain in my back still. But the spasm has stopped. And i can breathe.

But I do like my super strong pain killers.

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Bridgette said...

Wow. That sounds horrible. I hope you're all better now.