Saturday, March 7, 2009

I spent an entire week

flat on my back in agony. The day my back pain finally let up - I came down with Tonsillitis which I'm now fighting off.

Its been a super long week of boredom and pain for me. The good news is, I should be clear to go back to work on Monday. The bad news, I should be clear to go back to work on Monday KNOWING Bianca wont be there to make me smile, and to make things more bearable...

The company has undergone some massive changes over the past few months. Just another one to deal with now. I have stability in knowing my job wont be going anywhere, but seriously? Its stressful going to work each day not knowing whats going to happen, who is going to lose their jobs, or what changes are going to come into effect.

I like to know whats coming, and i HATE surprises.

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