Sunday, March 8, 2009

It feels a lot like rejection

even though its not even personal. And that's the thing that annoys me the most about it all. ITS NOT PERSONAL. But to me, it is.

I worked so hard last year. I really did. I made sure I was always on top of everything, had every thing covered, all the "what ifs" covered. I had documentation. I had my team leaders support after a very rocky transition. I had EVERYTHING COVERED.

And I still got a 3.

I rated myself at a 4.
My Team Leader - before even reading my part of the review - rated me at a 4
Some random stranger out there, who has never met me - decided that I was only worth a 3.

It hurts. It really really hurts. And I'm so angry about it. I worked so hard for that 4. The difference between those two numbers

a 3 - 4%. a 4 - 5.5%

I deserve that 5.5%. And I'm going to fight for it because I EARNED it.

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