Thursday, March 12, 2009

I like being comfortable

and I'm excellent at sticking with the familiar. So when this potential job opportunity arrived looking rather inconspicuous in my email, I got excited for about 3 seconds, and then immediately jumped into the doubts. The what ifs, the who knows, the can I's..
In truth, as yet, I don't even know if i am qualified for the position. Its my dream position - the dream position that 2 years ago, I thought that my current job might be able to set me up for, and move me into. Except that our management structures changed - twice. And my stepping stones sank quite dramatically to the bottom of the career ladder.
I'm no further advanced than I was 2 long years ago. Except that now we live in a better home, in a better neighbourhood. We have a beautiful toddler, Matt has a job he enjoys. And financially, really, we're quite well off. So really, to say I, or we rather, haven't advanced, is a lie. Career wise, I'm stuck where I started. But Life wise, we've moved a long way forward.

So despite knowing that I like familiar, and that Change is and can be a great, empowering thing, I think I'll stick to what i know. After all, its just a job. My family, that is my life. And at the moment, we're doing just fine. And this guy - he doesn't know what hes talking about.

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