Friday, June 12, 2009

When it happens,

In my universe, first Lucy starts getting super cranky. Then she starts with the sniffles and more cranky. By about day three of this, the nose starts to run and the eyes start to water. By day 4, we have a cough building. By day 5 i have a toddler with ridiculously high fevers, runny nose, chesty cough, runny eyes and general "I'm soo miserable please help me mummy, why wont you help me mummy" style tantrums and crying fits.

This i can handle. Generally, it lasts for about a week and then things subside and our beautiful child returns to her former lovely self.

Except this last time.

This hasn't lasted just a week. Or even two weeks. Lucy has been sick for 3 weeks. And not just her usual sick. Usual sick is OK, miserable but OK. But for some reason, since Lucy got sick, shes not sleeping at night. We put her into bed, and she seems alright, coughing runny nose still but she is fine. She sleeps about 4 hours and then she starts crying and screaming. This goes on for most of the night. Nobody has been getting much sleep at all. In fact, some nights, I'm getting none at all.

I am so exhausted. I'm run down, i have very little energy and i'm suffering from almost constant migraine headaches from lack of sleep. I still have to work, i still have to take care of my family but not sleeping is killing me.

Matt hasn't been fairing much better. And then yesterday morning he woke up and announced " my throat is killing me, and it feels all lumpy when i swallow"....

Oooo great. No really. Great. Totally fantastic.

Diagnosis - Acute Tonsillitis. I knew that before we waited up until 1.30am this morning for the doctor to come. Of course at 1am Lucy started her yelling and crying antics for whatever reason. She cried and yelled and bellowed and wailed every 1o or so minutes until 5.30 am when she finally fell into a deepish sleep. Of course Matt's phone rang at 7 and woke her, and me up. Did i mention that it was 3 degrees here this morning. Yeah, that was super nice.

Today, Lucy and I are having the naughtiest day ever. Because i am quite literally in too much pain and too tired to function. I've turned the DVD player on, whacked in Lucy's new Peppa Pig movie. She is spread out on the big couch with pillow, teddy and throw rugs watching movies, and I'm camped out on the other couch, also under blankets with pillows, rugs and laptop, occasionally dozing and waking up to get her milk, water, tissue or take her to the toilet.

It is COLD. Lucy is sick. Matt is sick. I am sick.

I'm sick and tired and sick of being sick and tired.

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Geek And Girl said...

Tamara honey, I understand your pain. I have done similar, shut the playroom doors and sat against them so if I fell asleep William couldn't get out. I have sat on the couch and cried after putting him to bed because I knew what's coming and he is sick and you've had 2hrs of broken sleep over a week or two and you feel like a zombie pushing through a fog. It's really hard.

If you would like me to pop over some meals or need something to help let me know I can pop over Tuesday or Wednesday sometime. I'd offer to babysit so you could sleep but I just can't risk William getting sick again, he is just getting over a cold and with the asthma, when he gets sick it is just heartbreaking the cough. Microwave dinners I can do and would be more than happy to.

Facebook me :-)

Hope it all passes soon xoxo