Monday, June 8, 2009

Yesterday was pretty exciting

for all involved. Lucy's litle friend Jenee had her 4th Birthday Party at AMF bowling at Tingalpa. As if a bowling party wasn't ambitious enough for 13 (YES that many!!) 2 - 4 year olds, it was a dress up party as well. They looked SO CUTE! And Lucy had the best time. She has so much fun, and loved every minute of it.

We took her along dressed as Queen Bee - we found her costume at the Redcliffe Kite Festival a few weeks ago, and figured it would be perfect. Teamed it up with a long sleeve black shirt and a pair of black tights (cause its kind of cold in winter here), as we ended up with one super.dooper.cute.queen.bee.

As if that wasn't exciting enough - then we took Lucy into Roma St Parklands to see the Dora the Explorer show as part of the celebrations for QLD's birthday (Dont ask me how old we are, I wasn't listening)! Her friend Jenee and family came along and had a lovely time wandering around the parklands, playing in the "dora maze", and seeing the robot, and the dancing lizard.

I have to say, Lucy woke up really early yesterday morning excited about going to the party. And then around the time she was meant to be in bed asleep, we were getting on a train to go into the parklands, and then we did lots of walking, and dancing and playing, so she was EXHAUSTED. And a saint. Really, she hardly played up at all the entire day, and the couple of times a meltdown looked set to happen, we managed to divert her attention quickly and relatively easily. I was very proud of her. It was a big day for us Adults - how she handled herself so well is a miracle to me!

I really do have the BEST daughter ever xo

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