Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its nice to have a different view

from your own sometimes.

First thing I have to say is OHMIGOD my labour was a nightmare. Don't get me wrong, I love Lucy, I really do, but getting her into this world was AWFUL.

My best friend is having a baby in 6 weeks. She asked me to a support person for her, along with her hubby. I'm super excited! And then we had this conversation about the birth, and what she expected from me, and few concerns that she was having, mainly that I seem to have a negative view on labour and birth, coloured, (naturally) from my own experiences. I thought about it a lot, and realised that, She's right. I do have a negative view - but only on my own. Whenever i hear about someone having an easy birth, and lovely labour I'm SO excited for them. I honestly do believe in the miracle of birth - being that - A miracle.

My Friend asked me if I was going to be able to stay strong, to support her how she needs to be supported, and be stable and calm, even in the face of a crisis, or things not working quite the way we hope. I answered her honestly - I am 100% ready to support her and her Husband in any way they need while they get ready to meet their baby.

I found this on a site yesterday, and really, the comment made me laugh :)

**My partner said that her experience of labour with our daughter was quite satisfying and felt a bit like a deep tissue massage. Thanks to this blog I now realise she is a lying hag who had a horrible experience and has been fabricating the whole event.

More seriously, I found it reassuring that my partner did savour the experience (without saying it felt great) and it was nice to tell other people who were pregnant that it wasn’t absolutely horrible and that they shoudldn’t book in for a caesar just to avoid the whole despicable experience.**

I can't wait to support my friend when she meets her beautiful baby. And I hope, really hope, that she has an experience like the one above, a beautiful, harmonised labour and birth. But even if it goes differently, my role stays the same. Do as she needs, when she needs it, and remember, that this is about her and her husband creating their new family.

I'm so excited to even have a small role in that :)


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