Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes its the crazy ones

that leave you wondering WHAT WAS I THINKING! This weekend has been madness. And I do mean that. I cannot believe, how much we had to do this weekend, and I cannot believe that next weekend will be even worse!

Friday night we had dinner with good friends of ours over at Bulimba at their house. Dinner was great, and Lucy and Jenee had a wonderful time playing together but ohmigosh how tired poor Lucy was (after all she's STILL sick)!! I worked all day on Saturday - not my favourite thing to do on a weekend - and then we went to dinner with Matt's family on Saturday night. Another great night - and another late one for Lucy. Sunday saw us running around like idiots trying to get some grocery shopping done, a quick trip to office works for a few bits and pieces and then we had to be at lunch with Dan & Lisa by 1pm. Somewhere in there, we had to squeeze in a nap for Lucy as well! We didn't get home until 4.30, and then had to be down at church by 6 for Johnny Lee Clary.

Insane Madness. I don't think i sat down at home, for more than half an hour all weekend.

And now Monday is here again, and my still sick toddler has to go to childcare, despite all the tears and tantrums announcing loud and clear that today she "just doesn't want too", and really, after the weekend she just had, who can blame her. I don't want to be at work today, I'd much rather be at home cleaning the house that has looked like a bomb went off for at least the past week and a half due to Lucy being sick, and me, well not being bothered with anything BUT her.


I do so long for a quiet (non working) weekend.

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