Saturday, May 30, 2009

With an oink oink here...

Swine flu is upon us. The dreaded lurgy has reached our shores, and although Lucy has by no means come into contact with "swine flu", at this point in time i sure do think it would be nice if she had it.

Don't get me wrong! I don't want my daughter to be sick, possibly dying. But the fact is that she IS sick. Still. She's been sick for 2 weeks now, we've seen 3 doctors who have all told us its Viral. Except that shes not getting better. She has progressively gotten worse, and still we're told its Viral. The good thing about Swine Flu is that its FAMOUS! It has a name, and doctors are currently snowed under diagnosing it. I just wish they'd put some of that effort they are expending diagnosing swine flu, into diagnosing Lucy.

I understand that she's only 2, and we don't want to put her on antibiotics if we don't have to. But surely, after 2 weeks without improvement, we can rule out a mere virus?

I'm so tired of her being sick. My usually happy, healthy toddler has disappeared. And I really think that if your job is to diagnose medical illness's, then you should listen to parents and actually DO IT.

If she's not better or at least improving in the next couple of days I'm taking her to the hospital. I'm done with letting doctors make her suffer. If I was as sick as she is, I'd take a cold and flu tablet at the very least, Lucy gets told to sleep and drink water.

Yeah, I don't think It's good enough any more.

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Geek And Girl said...

Tamara antibiotics are not a big deal unless you use them repeatedly. It could well be viral and she has caught the FLU FLU not just a cold in which case it will take a good couple of weeks for her to get over it, panadol may help if she has a fever and muscle aches and a humidifier with vicks or the sudo clear plugs may help with congestion, an antihistemine with phenergin at night may help her sleep and dry up her nose. Try and keep her comfy and if she doesn't show signs of improvement very soon especially if she is not eating or drinking properly then I would take her to hospital too. Hope she gets better soon, it is awful when your kids are sick.

Luv Kara