Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sometimes I forget

that not everyone who has a blog is as honest as me. For me, its my life, and I blog openly and honestly about it. But sometimes I forget that other people don't do that.

I don't by any stretch of the imagination blog about EVERYTHING that happens in my life. I really don't. Its more just my thoughts, and thing that have been happening in my life. I would never blog about the more personal struggles myself and Matt have had through our relationship. THAT is private. Other things about my family are private. Things about my friends are private. I dont blog that. There are boundaries.

Still, it's crushing for me to learn that someone who's blog i read on a regualar basis, seems to blog a fair bit of only one single part of her life, as oposed to all of it. I only learned the truth about her by default, when her link to her page went weird and let me access things i should NEVER have been able to see linked into her page. But the fact is, that it did happen. And now I know, that this life that i've been reading about, is more fiction than fact.

I have emailed the person regarding this, if anything, just to say be careful, playing with fire often causes more than the burns you can see on the outside.

I'm not hurt, just a little disapointed. Its been a sobering reminder.

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