Thursday, May 21, 2009

When it rains, It Pours

really is a useless saying to hear. Except that I've been hearing it for HOURS NOW. Remember that rain I was talking about. The rain of the Pouring, Bucketing down variety? Well it flooded the house. The entire downstairs was ankle deep and floating. My sister had to go out today and spend 450 dollars replacing all her lost makeup, hair dryer & straightener, her Heater and other lovely things that apparently MUD and WATER do not go all that well with. (Plus side? Single handedly fixing the economy!)

The carpets are still squelchy, even after 5 goings-over with a super sucker carpet dryer thing, and fans for 24 hours. The problem? The water has leached RIGHT DOWN into to concrete foundations (apparently they weren't sealed back god-knows-when) and so each time the carpet seems to be drying, it sucks up water from WAAAY DOWN DEEP and they get all wet and smelly and squelchy again. Long term, they need to be replaced.

As might a lot of audiovisual equipment from the home theatre, and a few walls and bits that are looking a bit swollen.

If it never rains again, on my house -IT.WILL.BE.TOO.SOON.

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