Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its been raining here

for 2 entire days. That might not sound like much but when i say it's been raining i actually mean type rain for TWO WHOLE DAYS.

Its a lovely day today - if your a duck. Or a fish. If you happen to be a land dwelling creature without webbed feet and a need to leave the relative dryness of your house, then you are essentially, screwed.

Three major roads out of my suburb were closed this morning due to flooding. 2 Other major roads aren't looking good for the return trip this afternoon.

I like the rain. I like listening to it while I'm lying in my bed, I like watching it with Lucy, I've even been known to jump in the occasional puddle just because I can.

But i HATE driving in the rain. I hate the crazies that come out to play when the roads get a little wet. And i hate working when its raining. Wet weather is only good for SLEEPING in. Which is what I'd rather be doing today.

Its meant to rain until Sunday.

Did I mention that today is Wednesday?


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