Monday, May 18, 2009

Making the change

from Fat to thin (or thinner!) AND from Lizards to Building Futures.

Perhaps i should explain.

I'm fat. Its really quite simple, I'm overweight and I know it. I know why I'm fat. I'm an emotional eater. When something gets me upset i hit the food BIG TIME.

It would be safe to assume that my miscarriages make me emotional. I've had four of them. So in a space of 3.5 years, 4 miscarriages means A LOT of chocolate consumed, and a fair whack of chips and coke to wash it down. It also means that in 3.5 years I've gained about 50 kilos extra. A LOT of weight that I should not be carrying around! Granted about 20 of those 50 kilos are from my pregnancy with Lucy. But i still should have lost that weight by now. And I still haven't.

So I'm doing something about it. Hopefully, in a few months, I'll be feeling thinner!

SECONDLY, the change from Lizards to Building Futures.

Lucy has a new kindy. We pulled her out of her old one due to a few BIG ISSUES. (Big issues can be knows as, Illegal funds transfer of money out of our account, Leaving Lucy in Winter clothes on a 32 degree day, Letting Lucy rub sunscreen in her eyes and not bothering to wash them out resulting in swollen eyes, and infection setting in, and a few other wonderful events.) While i can accept, having worked in childcare, that sometimes things do go wrong, and sometimes people make mistakes, what I CAN'T accept is that my daughter is no longer someone Else's priority. That she is being left to her own devices for massive portions of the day, despite us paying a high sum of money to the centre to ensure she gets the best care available.

So *waving* Goodbye Lizards Childcare and *waving* Hello Building Futures Montessori.

The Montessori method, is something i believe in for childcare. And i KNOW my Lucy will thrive there. And better still, she will be a priority for the staff.

She deserves nothing less.

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