Monday, May 11, 2009

And all of those 2 little ducks came back they aren't ducks. "They" are my husband Matt and my daughter Lucy, who found themselves back in Brisbane airport somewhere around 7 pm last night. At which gate I'm not entirely sure, because i was waiting at gate 24, and they were quite assuredly not there. I know this because after looking at the "landed" sign on the arrivals board for a good 15 minutes not a single.person.came.out.

And i looked like a moron.

I did find them eventually, and it was VERY exciting to see them again. Lucy looks so, well, different! In a week she has changed more than i would have ever expected. A week is a very long time when you're 2. Its an even longer time when you're the mummy of a 2 year old who is 500 kilometres away from you for the first time ever.

I did miss them. I enjoyed my time off, but my family is everything to me, and I'm very happy they are home.

Now if you'll excuse me, i have to go and clean the house.


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