Sunday, October 18, 2009

It felt anticlimactic

but, finally we told Lucy that we're having a baby. I don't know what i expected her to say, I guess really, she is only two and a half, it's a bit of an alien concept to her still!

It felt strange telling her. Last time I was pregnant, we told her straight away. Unfortunately, 6 weeks later it was all over, but she asked us for MONTHS where the baby was. This time around we agreed that we'd wait until she could feel the baby kicking.

She can't feel the baby kicking, not yet, but we started buying stuff, so we had to tell her, cause she was thinking it was all for her. The pram, yeah, that's OK, she can ride in it for now, but the cradle? Yep, i don't think she'd fit! She was eyeing it off for her dolls till we told her it was for the baby.

At which point she told me to be quiet, because the baby is sleeping. And then told me she wants a girl. No BOYS mummy, just a sister.

Boys can wear pink right?

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