Saturday, February 13, 2010

After two and a half years

of sleeping through the night, every night, Lucy has suddenly decided she wants to sleep in our bed. And I am NOT a happy camper!

What the heck is going on? She has now, in the last week come into our room in the dark, sleepy hours of the morning four days in a row. Varying degrees of anger and annoyance have ensued, to the point that when she came in for the second time this morning, I got mad at her. I told her in no uncertain terms that unless she was sick, or needed to go to the toilet, she had no business roaming the house at 2.45 in the morning! She started to cry, I told her to quit it, and Matt took her and deposited her back in her own bed, where she was asleep again in five minutes. I was too tired to feel guilty!

She's always been an excellent sleeper. In fact, when I was struggling with post natal depression, her being a good sleeper was one of the things that kept me sane. I can't for the life of me figure out why she is suddenly up and down two, sometimes three times a night. I thought maybe she was getting a bit cold, so last night I covered her up with her doona, and turned her fan off. 1am, BINGO, there she was. 2.45am, she was back again and I

We sat her down this morning and asked her why she keeps coming into our bed. She told me "I want to sleep in your bed." Well darling daughter of mine, that just is NOT happening! Sleeping with Lucy is like sleeping with an angry octopus, in steel capped boots. It's not fun, and It's not sleeping, It's dodging!

I wondered if all the Ariana stuff is catching up with her, or if she's not needing as much sleep during the night as she had previously, but she always goes straight back to sleep so I can't imagine its that. I don't know what else to do, other than keep telling her no, and taking her back to her bed. Hopefully she will get tired of this little game very soon, because I'm already over it and it's only been a week!!

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Mum2five said...

We had and still have the same issue with Brianna. She was fantastic until she turned two and then all of a sudden it may have been 6 times a night she'd come toddling in. Thankfully we're down to once a night every now and then unless she's sick. I've noticed lately though that with her it seems to be more often if she doesn't get to spend enough time with me during the day. Weekends we seem to be fine. So now as hectic as it is I'm trying to make sure I spend an hour cuddled on the lounge with her reading or talking or drawing... Even playing on my iPhone. Anything to make sure she's content with enough attention. Hope this helps even a little.... And keep up with putting your foot down. She probably won't even remember it in the morning =) love ya xo