Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I decided to become a grown up

and went and got my learners. How sad at 24 years old?!

I can drive. I just haven't been able to drive LEGALLY - there was this little incident with a random breath test (i wasn't drunk! Just unlicenced), which kept me from getting it earlier - that and a healthy dose of procrastination.

No more. Went and got it this morning. After five minutes behind the wheel it's all come back to me and I'm doing just great.

Lucy is going to pack it when I sit in "Daddy's seat". Hopefully, If I'm doing it right, Daddy won't pack it when I sit there.. :)


Mum2five said...

Lmao yay that's sooo exciting.

seran said...

i still don't have mine :( am getting it this year.. i think its good that the rules about passengers in the car past 11 we're exempt from that and all the other stupid rules for the new learners :)

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, mate! (Did I say that right?) :)

Hugs and support,


Anonymous said...

want to say that i wish i had your courage. it should be one of our angel babies 1st birthday tomorrow and all i want ot do is scream.. wishing you an easy ride to licenced.
i do kn w how you feel, and i do know what you are going through and i wish that ou and i did not have vot edo this sorry having a bad day..... have followed your for ages, you are an insperation to me, even when i am falling apart.;
love you to all 8 of our little ones in heaven.

Bridgette said...

Haha Good job! It's great to be able to drive yourself where you need to be!