Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Memory Of

our baby girl, we put up these shelves to keep her belongings with the rest of our family. We think it turned out quite nice, all thats missing is the Ash Bear, which we have yet to order.

But for now, this is how it looks.
L-R Her books from Sue, the memorial book from the service, and her memory book the hospital made for us, Her photo collage from Tiah, Her memory Box and her jewellery, and DVD/CDS from the memorial service.
L-R Angel and baby statue from Kara, Dan and William Thomas, My "Ariana's Mum" bracelet from Chantelle, the Memorial Cross from Ariana's Uncle Geoff and family, The Family statues from my parents and Ariana's Star certificate. The Ash Bear will go on this shelf somewhere, when we eventually find the perfect one and order it.

For now, we like the shelves as they are. Then of course, there is the Teddy shelf...

It's in Lucy's room, above her bed so she can say goodnight to the teddies each night. And she does. She loves and is super protective over Ariana's teddies. Heaven forbid if anyone touches them!


Mum2five said...

Absolutley beuatiful honey xo

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous hon - lots of love to you all!
Chan. xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and peaceful. A lovely sacred space to honor One so precious.

THE HART'S said...

what a neat and beautiful idea, love it! Ariana will always be in our hearts xox