Monday, February 22, 2010

Being unemployed

has its perks. Like allowing me to wallow in bed recovering from the best weekend I've had in oh - forever?!

Friday night I decided Mel had had enough crappy in her life, and needed some fun, as did I. So we hit the pub for a night of cocktails, live music and much needed laughs. We both managed to sober up enough to be functioning parents again come Saturday morning but it was an awesome night.

Saturday morning we took Lucy to "Go Wild". Those who don't know what it is, it's an indoor play centre - and it's quite huge. The church we attend (on a not-too-often-should-get-there-more-but-something-always-seems-to-happen-when-we-try-to-type-basis) hires the place out for two hours once every couple of months. They open an hour early for us, so for the first hour its reasonably calm and quiet, and then its open to the general public at normal time, but we get discounted rates. It's really quite fabulous. So we went there for a bit over an hour, and let Lucy run and play and slide and just be crazy with the other kids.

We went shopping, got donuts and got her haircut and headed home for a much needed sleep. Saturday afternoon we went and picked up Matt's gadgety-doodad thing for the computer and then headed to the park with Mel and Jas, and the gang. Who knew a toddler who would climb tables and bookcases at home would spend fifteen minutes avoiding the climbing equipment and sand?! Bailey came round and the kids had a blast together.

Sunday, Sunday, the day of rest. Or not! Sunday morning we went to Sue's place, picked up some stuff she had for Lucy, and for Seth, and left with half a car of new things to fit into our house. Lucy LOVES Sue's house, she never leaves empty handed.

Back home for a sleep and then yesterday we went to the beautiful Gracee Joy Fraser's afternoon tea and baptism. We had stacks of fun, but gosh, by 8.30 last night sleep was so badly needed!

Today my neck is seriously sore, my head hurts and I feel hungover (after no alcohol), but I get to spend the day recovering. And I dont' have to worry about work.

So yes, un-employed deffinately has its advantages!

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