Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Is Ellery.

She is a miracle. A real, honest to God miracle. Given a 5% chance at survival when she was born at 33 weeks gestation with Hydrops.

She had a rough start to life. She had to fight hard, as did her family, and friends. Everyone was pulling for her, trying to help her, to save her.

She fought, and got stronger, and eventually came home, on oxygen and other treatments. But home! Where every baby should be. Home with her big brother Wyatt.

 Isn't he adorable! Probably the best big brother there is!

Ellery kept improving, dealing with multiple setbacks, but her fighting spirit (and that of her mummy and daddy!) have always shone through.

Having her home, and healthy, was the dream, the prayer and the wish of every person who ever came across this beautiful little princess.

Today, Ellery the beautiful miracle baby, has celebrated her first birthday, and is moving forwards in leaps and bounds.

She will always have a weakness in her lungs, both from her prematurity, and from the obstacles she has faced in her short, amazing life. Just an hour ago, she was rushed to hospital, suffering RSV, Pneumonia, and uncontrollable fevers. Ellery needs your prayers.

This gorgeous little girl is so strong, and has fought so hard, now she needs our help. Please, tell every person you know, about Ellery. Ask them to pray. Ask them to donate to the March of Dimes. Ask them to spread her story.

Ellery is too special, and too loved, to have this beat her.
Links to her pages are below.


Heidi said...

Tam, thank you so much for posting about Ellery! Your support is AMAZING! Thank you for the countless prayers and love. Ellery pulled through the high fever spell, but not without giving us a very bad scare. Hoping she heals quickly from pneumonia and RSV. Love you and all your friends for their support!!! Love, Heidi, Greg, Wyatt and Ellery

Catherine Clements said...

Tam, what you just did with that post was amazing. I have NEVER encountered anybody like you. I have never seen such strength of character. In your darkest hours, and good Lord they've surely been dark this year, you have ALWAYS been able to find the strength to help other people in their time of need. I am not a traditionally religious person, but I know that Angels walk amongst us and I truly suspect that you are one. Actually, I don't just suspect it. I know it.