Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday night

was epic. I was sick. But it was still epic.

A girly night left Matt at home alone, something he is not at all used to, but has assured me he has no issue with repeating! Lucy came with me, which she thought was pretty damn great, to have her own special sleep over with Brianna. The girls were very well behaved, only giggling and talking in bed for about an hour before finally falling asleep. By which stage Mel and I were halfway through the Pizza and first movie. Great night. Lots of girly talk, and lots of random conversations.

As we always seem to do, we stayed up far too late, and then struggled to glue our eyelids open after all the kids got up a couple of hours later. (Question, why, do we knowingly torture ourselves like this....)

I had a blast - Thanks Mel for that fantastic idea :)

Its the last week of holidays now, and we're determined to get Lucy back into her old routine. So tonight, we're setting alarms. However much i suspect I'll be awake anyway having spent the entire day today asleep in bed thanks to the flu from hell, we will still set alarms in case i *gasp* sleep tonight.

I just hope I feel better tomorrow, I can't stand being sick, and I'd be very cranky if I wasted Matt's last week of holidays in bed!

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Mum2five said...

My pleasure. I've now convinced myself we need to make it happen more often =) Had an awsome time too. Thanks for letting me spill my guts about most if my life lol I really needed that. Hope you get some sleep tonight and are feeling better tomorrow. Love ya lots xo