Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wednesday night

it started creeping up on me. Just a slightly runny nose, and a "weird" feeling in the pit of my stomach. By the wee hours of Thursday morning, my throat was killing me. By Thursday night, it was a full blown viral "thing" which has now got me firmly by the head, and is insisting I sneeze, and wail and gnash my teeth.

... Oh wait. There has been no wailing, or Gnashing of teeth, but if my head continues to feel like this despite taking copious amounts of drugs, there WILL be gnashing.

Feel like complete, and utter poo. I hate being sick. The worst part is I actually HAVE THINGS TO DO. Instead, here I life, feeling pathetic.


Mel said...

Well.... Maybe staying up until 3am wasn't the best idea last night =) hope you're feeling better soon. Ring me if you need anything. Xo

Shania said...

Hey there. Thanks so much for your kind words about my house fire. It's nice to hear from new people.

I hope you feel better soon!